The sales training road trip

Bioguard carries out more sales training in an event organised by Taurus Biochem, our partner for the south of India.

In an event hosted in Kochi [Cochin] over 3 days the Bioguard team made client visits and undertook sales training to explain to users and sellers the unique benefits of the Bioguard products and real benefits it can deliver to infection control in the south of India.

Stuart Hay – Managing Director of Bioguard says ‘It was a real pleasure to meet and work with the Taurus Biochem team to introduce our products to this region, looking forward to developing a long term relationship and also revisiting to enjoy the food and hospitality shown by everyone in south India’

Mr Issac owner of Taurus Biochem says ‘Meeting team Bioguard was a real pleasure and we're all very excited at the opportunities that the Bioguard product range offers to make a real improvement to infection control across south India.’

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