Bean to Cup Hygiene Kit

Industry-leading research and development, combined with extensive testing ensures that our BEAN TO CUP HYGIENE KITS can be used across a whole spectrum of machines. These KITS contain BREWER CLEANING TABLETS, MILKLINE SOLUTION, DESCALER SOLUTION and user instructions to eliminate the risk of machine breakdown whilst maintaining dispensed product quality. 

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a unique product providing the following significant performance benefits:

  • INCREASED MACHINE RELAIBILITY — Product trials have confirmed that the use of our KITS have significantly improved machine reliability, which assists in reducing operating costs and improving your reputation/brand. Please refer to the Bioguard case study detailing the benefits delivered to one vending product user. 
  • EASE OF USE — Our MILKLINE SOLUTION and DESCALER SOLUTION are in easy to use colour coded sachets, eliminating any operator excuse or risk that operators really do not understand the required cleaning and hygiene regime, so significantly reducing the risk of machine breakdown due to ineffective cleaning and hygiene. 
  • CLEANING & HYGIENE REGIME MONITORING — By providing a kit with two months supply of sachets and tablets, Line/Account Managers and Service Engineers can quickly and easily identify if machines are being cleaned in accordance with machine manufacturers requirements. 
  • SUPERIOR CLEANING ACTION — The superior cleaning action of our products combined with regular hygiene and cleaning significantly reduces the risk of blockages and machine breakdowns, lowering engineering call out costs and increasing machine reliability. 
  • INCREASED REVENUES — Our superior performance benefits can result in increased sales of dispensed product, improved net revenues due to reduced call outs and higher levels of kit sales from usage being uplifted to recommended levels. 
  • HOST SURFACE INTEGRITY — Our products will not damage or degrade machine components thus reducing machine breakdowns and service costs. 
  • DISPENSED PRODUCT QUALITY — Product trials have confirmed that the use of our products and cleaning regime assist in the maintenance of the quality of the dispensed product.

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Where to use

  • Bean to cup machines

When to use

Use daily in accordance with machine manufacturers cleaning procedures.

How to use

Follow users instructions in Kit and in accordance with machine manufacturers cleaning procedures

Products Available

Product option Pack size Product code
2 month kit 1 unit BIO2MBCK