Engineers Wipes

Industry-leading research and development, combined with extensive testing ensures that our ENGINEERS WIPES can be used across a whole spectrum of machines. These WIPES are designed to degrease and remove oil and ground in dirt on components, machine fascias and hands and can be used on site or in the workshop. 

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a unique product which provides the following significant benefits:

  • SUPERIOR CLEANING ACTION — Our WIPES contain natural oils extracted from oranges to give more effective cleaning performance in the removal of oil, grease and ground in dirt.
  • COMBINED CLEANING & DISINFECTION — Eliminates the need for the use of separate wipes to achieve effective cleaning and disinfection.
  • SAFE TO USE — Our WIPES contain natural oils extracted from oranges which provides a much safer solution than the alternative solvent based products.
  • INDEPENDANTLY TESTED— Our WIPES have been independently proven by leading UK and European laboratories as being effective against a wide range of bacteria, mycobacterium, viruses and fungi. 
  • USER FRIENDLY — Contains skin moisturisers and conditioners to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation. 
  • EFFECTIVE STICKY LABEL REMOVER — Product will effectively remove those stubborn sticky labels on machines.

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Where to use

  • Hot drinks vending machines
  • Water coolers
  • Service engineers & workshop

When to use

WatWhen you need to clean, remove oil and ground in dirt off components, machine fascias and hands. 

Also use to remove sticky labels from machines.

How to use

Open tub lid and feed cloth through the hole in the lid. Pull out and use wipes as necessary.

Products Available

Product option Pack size Product code
150 Wipe Tub 12 Units G15MECH