Hand Foam

Industry-leading research and development, combined with extensive testing ensures that our HAND FOAM will provide the ultimate level of hand protection. This product is designed to be used where access to hand wash facilities is restricted. 

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a unique product providing the following significant benefits:

  • USER FRIENDLY — Product contains Aloe Vera, skin conditioner and moisturisers to safeguard users hands from irritation or sensitisation.
  • ALCOHOL FREE — Product does not contain alcohol eliminating the risk of irritation and making it compliant with some users religious beliefs. 
  • INDEPENDANTLY TESTED— Our HAND FOAM has been independently proven to European and British EN1500 standards as being effective against a wide range of bacteria, mycobacterium, viruses and fungi. 
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY — Proven by independent environmental audits to be non-toxic, biodegradable and non accumulative in the eco system.

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Where to use

  • Service engineers & workshop

When to use

Before and after contact with machines, site visits, breaks and toilet use.

How to use

Apply to the hands and leave to dry. 

For further information on correct hand washing technique please contact us!

Products Available

Product option Pack size Product code
50ml Hand Foam 12 Units BFS050
500ml Hand Foam 5 Units BFS500